Raising Our Property Taxes and Insurance to Give Handouts to His Lobbying Clients

Dirty Diaz voted for a $500 Million Property Tax Hike1 to pay for over a Billion tax dollars in handouts for his lobbying and special interest pals.2


But Lobbyist Jose Felix Diaz didn't stop there, he voted to raise our property insurance by 15%3 and got repaid with nearly $250,000 in campaign donations from insurance companies.4

Lobbyist Jose Felix Diaz

Tax Hikes for Miami-Dade Homeowners.

Tax Breaks for His Lobbying Clients.

Check the Facts

1. House Vote 431, SB 2500-A, 6/19/15 

2. HB 7109, 2017; HB 7007, 2013; HB 7027, 2012; HB 7087, 2012; HB 7185, 2011; SB 2142, 2011

3. Vote 521, SB 408, May 4, 2011

4. Florida Division of Elections

Sponsored by the Florida Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee